About Us

Back in 1972 two brothers Gerald and Rene Trottier were approached by Ford tractor and equipment franchise. In November 1972 Trottier Bros. Farm equipment Regd was open for business in the former garage owned by Esso, which is now the Jean Coutu building in Alexandria Ont . In December 1973 fire destroyed the garage . The brothers decided to move the equipment in the two door garage on the farm owned by Gerald on hwy 43 . They operated the business for nine months in this small shop. At the end of the nine months the 3600 sq ft shop built on the south west lot of Gerald’s property was ready to move in.This was Sept. 1974. In 1978 a 4000sq ft warehouse was built to store equipment . In 1986 they added another 800 sq ft and in 1990 another 500sq ft was added for office space.

In 1994 Rene retired and sold his shares to Gerald which he operated till 1996 which was now a New Holland dealer ship.In 1996 he resigned the Hew Holland franchise and sold short line equipment . February 16 2000 is the date Gerald retired and sold the business to Rick and Dan his sons.

We sold short line equipment and repaired all makes of tractors and machinery for the first two years. At this point we wanted a tractor line.